National Day of Giving


It is better to give than to receive. Every day should be a time to give. There is a time to give of yourself, your finances or simply give a listening ear. The act of giving is more than simply an act. It is a gesture of kindness that contributes to a better life and in return, a better world.

Giving is not limited to any one thing. It is a contribution toward something better. Giving leads to the betterment of others, as well as, oneself. When you choose to give, give with a selfless heart. A giving heart is a rewarded heart.

Our florists at Conroy’s Flowers Downey are here to help you give this November because November 27th is National Day of Giving, also known as, Giving Tuesday. Whether you #GivingTuesday with words of inspiration or do something behind the scenes to make someone's day better, it is important to give beyond this day of recognition and into the rest of the year,

Our flower delivery in Downey is a beautiful opportunity to give this National Day of Giving. Let us deliver flowers in Downey to someone you know who is in need. Talk with us about the recipient, and we will deliver flowers in Downey that compliment them and their need.

Our flower delivery in Downey is a great way to surprise someone you know in the hospital or simply to encourage your significant other on a difficult day. Choose to encourage someone on National Day of Giving with flower delivery in Downey. The opportunities to give and what for are only limited to our mindsets.

Let us deliver flowers in Downey as a representation of your heart and your desire to give. Don’t limit yourself to this national holiday. Sometimes the most impactful forms of giving are when they are least expected.

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