How to Choose a Gift Basket for Your Boss or Coworkers


The right gift can strengthen a bond that already exists or even turn an acquaintance into a friend. A gift has the power to make someone feel appreciated, and the happy feelings a thoughtful gift can inspire will lead to positivity that can go far beyond the initial recipient. The happiness a thoughtful workplace gift can bring is contagious, and that happiness can boost morale and increase productivity for everyone.

Why We Give

The best gifts are gestures of appreciation given with sincere intentions. A thoughtful gift can communicate understanding and affection. The right gift can give someone the feeling that he or she is understood and well-liked by others.

Human beings have always given gifts. Gifts are a natural part of building and maintaining human relationships and bonds.

If you are hesitant to give gifts, you might want to reconsider. When we give, we also give to ourselves because the act of giving results in us having positive feelings regarding the gift recipient and ourselves. Giving makes us feel more connected with others, and as a result, we feel positive toward ourselves. When we give, we also receive!

When it comes to gifts in the workplace, think about the dynamic of your place of work. Do your colleagues give presents to coworkers and bosses? If not, talk to your boss and coworkers to see how receptive they are about giving small gifts. Let them know how beneficial such a small gesture could be.

Large companies employing many workers may be unable to do a normal holiday gift exchange where everyone gives and receives from one another individually. When there are too many people to buy for, a gift exchange game can help divide up the load and ensure every participant gets a gift.

Why We Give to Bosses

There are different kinds of bosses, but the best bosses do the job without expecting anything in return. A good boss is hardworking and inspiring, and a great boss knows how to bring out the best in each employee. If this sounds like your boss, consider giving a small gift to let him or her know that you are grateful for the guidance and patience given to you and your coworkers.

You may decide that a holiday like Christmas is a good time to get a gift for your boss. Your boss’s birthday is another opportunity to get a little something to say thanks.

You may also decide that there is no time like the present and give a gift on a day of no importance. Sometimes the best gifts are spontaneous and unplanned.

When you have a close relationship with your boss, you may want to give a gift that is more personal from you and no one else. If that is the case, it is probably best to give the gift outside of the work setting. If you and your boss are close enough to know one another’s address, you can send the gift directly to your boss with a personal note.

If you and your boss do not have a relationship outside of work, it is a good idea to give something that is not too personal or extravagant. Another idea is to gather all the employees together to discuss getting a gift as a group. Each employee gives a small amount of money and agrees to all purchase a gift to collectively show your boss how much you all appreciate him or her.

Whether you want to give your boss a present as a group or if you want a personal gift, a gift basket is a great way to give your boss an enjoyable gift that consists of multiple gifts in one pretty basket. Even better, there are gift baskets to appeal to different tastes and preferences. Gift baskets can be conveniently delivered to your boss’s home or the office.

Why We Give to Coworkers

We spend an abundance of time with coworkers. Making those work relationships as pleasant as possible can make your time at work more enjoyable. Celebrating birthdays and other special occasions with your colleagues can create a sense of camaraderie in the workplace.

Similar rules apply to coworkers when it comes to gifts. If you have a close friendship with your coworker and want to give an individual gift, it may be best to give the gift away from work, especially if you do not exchange gifts with other coworkers. Being sensitive in that situation can eliminate any tension or hurt feelings.

The more you know about people, the easier it is to pick out a gift. Take this opportunity to get to know your coworker. Find out what he or she likes. You may not even have to ask. Sometimes simple observation can give you a lot of insight.

When giving gifts to bosses or coworkers, avoid giving any gifts that could be construed as too personal, inappropriate or embarrassing. Negativity associated with a gift can diminish the kindness of the act.

If you need any help deciding what gift may be appropriate for your boss or coworkers, reach out to our florists at Conroy's Flowers Downey in Norwalk, CA , and we will be glad to create a memorable and appropriate gift basket for any workplace or occasion.

Why Group Giving is Good

Gift-giving can be a daunting prospect. We may analyze what a gift might mean to the point that the small gesture soon feels overwhelming. Giving as a group can alleviate that stress, and at the same time, giving as a group can bring everyone together.

Coworkers and bosses are people who might not share many interests outside the workplace. However, for work to be a pleasant experience, we should all do our best to be as considerate as possible with one another.

Doing something as a group, even something as simple as pooling your resources to buy a small gift for a boss or coworker, can bring everyone together and make everyone feel as if they belong and are part of the team.

Even if the gift is for someone that you don’t necessarily regard as a friend, doing something nice and taking part in the group activity will be rewarding. Getting along with your coworkers and treating them the way you want to be treated will be incredibly beneficial. Developing positive and healthy relationships with bosses and coworkers can even make being at work feel a little less like work.

Why Not a Gift Basket?

If you want a gift to be luxurious, lasting and presented in a charming, delightful display, a gift basket fits all the requirements. With a gift basket, a person gets multiple gifts in one pleasant package. There are endless gift basket options of sweets and treats to tickle anyone’s fancy.

Some gift baskets have chocolate, cookies or other sweet treats. Other gift baskets are meat and cheese gourmet greats. There are gift baskets for wine enthusiasts, people who want to be pampered and those who love fruit. Did you know there are also gift baskets that can be made for certain special occasions like new baby births?

Our florists are always happy to discuss gift basket options, both in-person and online or on the phone. We thoroughly enjoy putting together the perfect gift basket for your boss, coworker or anyone else who might appreciate a gift.

We never know what others may be going through away from the workplace. A kind gesture given at the right time can mean more than we realize. For a special occasion, holiday or to cheer up a boss or a coworker when he or she needs it, a gift basket is a great gift option.

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